Mobile Application Cost Estimator
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    How much does a mobile app cost?

To help manage expectations around the cost of creating quality mobile applications we created a cost estimation tool. It should only be used to get an idea of the possible cost of your app, as every project will be assessed individually according to our delivery process to ensure that you know the real cost and receive a solution that meets the needs of your business.


Due to different development languages and user interface guidelines, the cost of developing an app is approximately the same for each different platform. This means choosing two platforms will double the cost.

Number of screens

The number of screens an application has is a good indicator of its complexity. For example, an app that has only a list of items and a detail view would be 2 screens.

Custom controls

Using the platform’s standard UI controls is the simplest way. Apps that require custom controls will increase the complexity.

Device types

Are you building an app that will work for one form factor, or should it work on both a smartphone and a tablet?

Screen Orientation

Would you like your app to operate in a single orientation mode, or should it work in both landscape and portrait?


Heightened security covers technologies such as as encryption of data, jailbreak and root detection. If your app manages sensitive data, all factors will be impacted by security decisions.

Supported OS versions

Supporting more OS versions increases your audience, however it also increase development complexity and the amount of testing and maintenance necessary.


The number of languages your app needs to support can increase complexity and testing time.


Who will be using your app? The App Store is for distributing to users outside of your organization and the Enterprise App Store is for distributing to members of your organization.

Extra Features


  • Provide payment ability from within your application

  • Receive and handle push notifications to interact with your users

  • Store app data using providers such as DropBox, iCloud and Box

  • Record app usage

  • Display web pages within the app using custom navigation

Maps & Navigation

  • Display maps with pins and annotations

  • Trigger actions if the user enters a specific geographic area

Data, API's & Communication

  • Read, write and query data directly on the device

  • Parts of your app still work without a data connection

  • Send and receive data via a server API

  • Use URL schemes or Intents to pass data between apps

  • Connect with external devices via Bluetooth technology

  • Integrate with Game Center services

Photo, video and graphics

  • Have our in-house design team generate all graphics

  • Play audio or videos from within the app

  • Capture photos or video from within the app

  • Display 3D content and animations

  • Include image recognition algorithms (faces, objects, etc.)


  • Specialized keyboard to assist with data entry of custom characters or functionality

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This estimation tool should only be used to get a feel for the possible cost of your application. Every project will be reviewed individually to determine a completely accurate cost.
Software solutions can be complex and contain many different aspects not seen by the end user. The development team needs to know what technologies are available, how to use and integrate them, and when to start from scratch. Secure, reliable, quality solutions require time and commitment.
Yes, it’s possible to find a cheaper way. You can reduce things like quality or security. Different developers have different rates. However, we find there is usually a direct correlation between the cost and the quality of the finished product. We have cleaned up a number of projects that were completed “on the cheap” and find there is truth in the statement, “If you think we’re expensive, wait until you see what the cheapest guy costs you.” At the end of the day, you need to choose a company that you feel comfortable with.
It depends. There are solutions that promise the ability to write once and run on multiple platforms. However, there are differences in security, interface guidelines and native capabilities to the apps on different platforms. The effort (and associated cost) required for the number of adjustments needed to support each platform often outweighs the time and money saved initially.

Programmers generally choose the technologies they know and understand, which may not align with what technologies are need to provide the very best solution. While developing once for multiple platforms can be an option, it is not one we recommend.
If the app only needs to provide basic information or a responsive version of a website, this type of development can be a great idea. For advanced functionality we recommend a native app.

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