Workflow, Mobile Apps, Web Portals and Reporting for Rehab/Reno Investments
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    Nitro Asset &
    Resource Management™

    Workflow & reporting tools to help manage investment real estate assets better.

NitroARM simplifies the many processes required to efficiently manage income-generating real estate assets, from acquisition to revenue generation. NitroARM streamlines project management, follows every task, asset and resource, and ensures accountability for staff, internal or contract labor, materials, assets and deadlines.

The functionality and integration capabilities within NitroARM facilitate pre/post acquisition inspections, estimating, creating and verifying scope of work, vendor selection and assignment, purchasing, job tracking, punch-list or quality inspections, and accounting while collecting data vital to subsequent asset management functions like property management (internal or for-fee), sale or securitization.

Rely on NitroARM to:

  • Win Business Win Business

    NitroARM delivers accurate, detailed quotes and bid responses to reduce ambiguity, negotiation, and margin-sapping change order confusion. Companies that furnish predictable and reliable numbers earn client business and build loyalty faster.

  • Cut Costs Cut Costs

    NitroARM defines renovation and repair tasks and matches these to client or vendor inventory offerings to meet desired repair, renovation and maintenance standards. This ensures that the best prices based on vendor SKUs are specified to deliver the best prices, and delivers insight into purchase volumes to boost your company's negotiating position.

  • Align Roles Align Roles

    If you can't measure it, you can't manage it! Managing real estate projects and processes is a blizzard of details and deadlines. When dates are missed or delayed, NitroARM generates exception reports so tasks can be realigned and knock-on delays do not compound. Field staff mobile devices allow for live geo-tracking of field activity, progress and job-site visits so tasks can be assigned and workload can be tracked and optimized.

  • Gain Transparency Accountability Gain Transparency, Accountability

    When dates are missed or delayed, NitroARM generates exception reports so tasks can be realigned and knock-on delays do not compound. Field staff mobile devices enable live tracking of field activity, progress and patterns so workload can be tracked and optimized.

  • Optimize Resource Allocation Optimize Resource Allocation

    Staff tracking and accounting dramatically improves process and expense transparency. NitroARM reports process activity in clear tables and graphs on customizable dashboards. Improved management insight leads to the expansion of workload capacity, empowering you to improve staff-to-supervisor ratios, time-to-revenue and profits.

  • Protect Legacy IT Investments Protect Legacy IT Investments

    Because NitroARM can integrate with existing acquisition, accounting and property management systems you or your clients already use, NitroARM protects existing investments in staff training & experience or existing hardware and software. In fact, by facilitating data exchange among these systems, NitroARM enhances your return on those investments.

Who Needs NitroARM ?

Serious Real Estate Investors
Investment Businesses

  • Real Estate Investment Funds
    • Funds - Large Cap - Institutional
    • Cap - Regional & Tier 2
    • Small Cap - Family Offices
  • Turnkey Real Estate Investment Advisors
  • Regional Real Estate Services
    • Asset Management & Renovation
    • Property Management & Maintenance and Repair
  • Real Estate Franchises
  • Any Real Estate Investment Member Groups

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