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What if you could see and act on a complete and up-to-the-minute calendar view of work in progress, and know at a glance which work was behind schedule? What if every worker was automatically alerted when assigned tasks were in danger or falling behind? What if you could track and manage every detail and activity of your properties, jobs, vendors and products?

NitroARM supplies customizable tools for keeping your business, and everyone in it, on task and working at peak efficiency.

  • PropertiesProperties

    Properties track and record all the essentials about a job-site, right down to historical sales data and neighborhood profile.

  • JobsJobs

    Jobs organize all of the details of a project on a single property, from inspections and purchases to task scheduling and target margins. Act on complete, accurate information.

  • Quality Checklists Quality Checklists

    Quality Checklists ensure that every item needing evaluation onsite is thoroughly checked. Make sure the job is done right, and fix exceptions fast.

  • My Tasks My Tasks

    My Tasks shows each user the work assigned to him or her, with deadlines and details, so staff stay productive and on schedule.

  • CalendarCalendar

    The Calendar shows work in progress to ensure efficient, timely execution of every step in a job workflow.

  • Vendors/Contractors Vendors/Contractors

    Vendors/Contractors let you track and manage not merely contact information, but also certifications and licenses, craft categories and confidence levels so you can always choose the right vendor for the right job.

  • ClientsClients

    Clients let you organize your client records by approval status, past jobs and other criteria.

  • Purchase/Work Orders Purchase/Work Orders

    Purchase Orders let you easily generate & send work orders for a job, and even customize purchase orders to match your or your clients' way of doing business.

Who Needs NitroARM ?

Any serious Real Estate Investor or Investment Business

  • Real Estate Investment Funds
    • Funds - Large Cap - Institutional
    • Cap - Regional & Tier 2
    • Small Cap - Family Offices
  • Turnkey Real Estate Investment Advisors
  • Regional Real Estate Services
    • Asset Management & Renovation
    • Property Management & Maintenance and Repair
  • Real Estate Franchises
  • Any Real Estate Investment Member Groups

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