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    Nitro Asset &
    Resource Management™

    Workflow & reporting tools to help manage investment real estate assets better.


Adapt NitroARM to ensure your business works best. NitroARM's flexible design lets you easily custom-fit workflows, to appraisal inspections, renovation and property management standards and menus, product purchasing, cross-role and function communications and data exchange with other systems in your business, the way you work best — and then it helps you optimize your operation from there.

NitroARM works your way, and helps you do it better.

  • Workflow Management Workflow Management

    Workflow Management empowers you to design detailed, step-by-step workflows to enforce a controlled, optimized approach to every job. Make sure jobs are done right, start to finish.

  • Quality Checklists Quality Checklists

    Quality Checklists give field staff simple, straightforward tools for verifying work quality & completeness, product/materials shipment accuracy and anything else. Make quality count.

  • Product Catalog Product Catalog

    The Product Catalog makes picking products from your own inventory for jobs and managing costs & margins easy, both in the office and onsite. Maximize ROI for your catalog.

  • Client Custom Fields Client Custom Fields

    Custom Fields let you add additional fields to Job, Client, Vendor and Property screens, so ARM can track any information unique to the way you do business. ARM works your way.

  • Inspection Flows Inspection Flows

    Inspection Flows equip your field force with easy-to-use checkboxes, multiple-choice lists and other tools for recording onsite inspections and selecting products and materials that will be needed for a job. Make sure pre-bid walkthroughs, progress checks and other inspections are thorough and accurate.

  • Purchase Order Templates Purchase Order Templates

    Purchase Order Templates let you customize purchase/work orders to match your or your clients' way of doing business.

  • SuppliersSuppliers

    The Suppliers database streamlines ordering from third-party product suppliers, and even syncs to major suppliers' inventory system for easy, accurate ordering and cost management. Get the right product, from the right source, for the best price, every time.

  • Integration Integration

    Use NitroServer® to perform deep integration into existing technology investments by pushing and pulling data from disparate systems.

Who Needs NitroARM ?

Any serious Real Estate Investor or Investment Business

  • Real Estate Investment Funds
    • Funds - Large Cap - Institutional
    • Cap - Regional & Tier 2
    • Small Cap - Family Offices
  • Turnkey Real Estate Investment Advisors
  • Regional Real Estate Services
    • Asset Management & Renovation
    • Property Management & Maintenance and Repair
  • Real Estate Franchises
  • Any Real Estate Investment Member Groups

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