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    Workflow & reporting tools to help manage investment real estate assets better.

iPad Inspection

Mobile devices can help your field workforce follow and document repeatable step-by-step property walks, punch lists, quality checks and capture job status. Construction friendly tools like checkboxes, multiple-choice lists and searchable product lists for collecting complete property, project estimates and job status data anywhere any time, with or without web connectivity. Mobile devices sync, tag and send reports, measurements and photos to the office with a single tap.

NitroARM makes your field workforce faster, more accurate and productive by streamlining and reporting on most staff field tasks.

  • My Tasks My Tasks

    Task lists in the ARM Mobile App show field workforce their daily tasks first thing when they sign in each day. Completing a task begins with a tap.

  • Inspection Flows Inspection Flows

    Inspection Flows equip your field workforce with easy-to-use checkboxes, multiple-choice lists and other tools on their mobile devices for recording onsite inspections and selecting products and materials needed for a job.

  • Quality Checklists Quality Checklists

    Quality Checklists give field staff simple, straightforward tools for verifying work quality & completeness, product/materials shipment accuracy and anything else — right in the mobile app.

  • Device Tracking Device Tracking

    Device Tracking shows a live map of where every mobile device-equipped field workforce worker is. Keep track of staff movements throughout the day, and make sure they're always on-site, on time.

Who Needs NitroARM ?

Any serious Real Estate Investor or Investment Business

  • Real Estate Investment Funds
    • Funds - Large Cap - Institutional
    • Cap - Regional & Tier 2
    • Small Cap - Family Offices
  • Turnkey Real Estate Investment Advisors
  • Regional Real Estate Services
    • Asset Management & Renovation
    • Property Management & Maintenance and Repair
  • Real Estate Franchises
  • Any Real Estate Investment Member Groups

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