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    Do you have what it takes?

Want to work in the fastest growing technology sector in history? Then Nitro is the place to be. We're building an amazing team comprised of passionate, talented individuals who want to make a difference for our company and our customers.

It's not easy to get a job here—we don't make hiring decisions based off of resumes as much as we do based off of proven skills and cultural fit. The characteristics we seek in our employees, in order of importance, are: passion, drive, ownership, critical thinking, problem solving, and then skill. Many companies put "skill" first, but we can teach skill—we can't change who you are. It is vital to our company to find employees who align with why Nitro exists, not only what we do during our existence.

Nitro's growth is fueled by creative people solving common problems. Working at Nitro means creating incredible, ingenious and inspiring products and results. Our team collectively promotes candid collaboration and flourishes in finding meaningful solutions to common problems. We do everything we can to make sure our employees understand how valued they are by running a business that emphasizes their abilities to bring their individual visions to life.

Our Culture

At Nitro, we work hard and we play hard. Our open environment promotes innovation, collaboration and productivity. The music, lights and casual space keep our employees excited and energized. They even enjoy coming to work!

We respect and value each team member's creative freedom and encourage everyone to take full ownership of their projects. Working at Nitro means you'll have endless opportunities to create exceptional mobile experiences—because that's what we deliver to our clients.

We're looking for people who:

  • Incredibly Passionate

    Are incredibly passionate

    about their work and want to spend every day doing something they love.

  • Mission

    Believe in our mission of

    empowering our clients through mobilizing their practices, products and services.

  • Mobile

    Love all things mobile,

    especially with an interest in new technologies, market trends and industry transitions.

  • Want a career not just a job

    Want a career, not just a job,

    and see themselves contributing to everything we do to help our clients thrive.

You're a passionate, innovative, problem-solving critical thinker. We're technological trail-blazers.
Could this be a match made by the career gods?

Current Open Positions

C# .NET Developer
Administrative Assistant
iOS Developer
Android Developer
Support Specialist
Quality Assurance Specialist
Node.js Developer
Project Manager

Think you have what it takes? Send your resume and cover letter to We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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