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As a leader in the creation of custom software applications, platforms and products, we are experts in system design and code. We offer our Software & System Audit to help our clients evaluate risks, understand quality and make informed business decisions based on our recommendations and review of existing software.

We perform reviews for clients ranging from enterprise companies to premier entrepreneurs, moving them to thoughtfully designing and building mobile, web, and backend applications. Our expertise spans a variety of programming languages, such as Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CGI, J2EE and .NET systems.

Our audits begin with project discovery, where we generate a detailed plan to evaluate identified systems. We discuss the applications to be tested with your development team and work to understand the design, security and process. From here we review:

  • Existing documentation, coding standards, and development guidelines
  • System architecture
  • Design and implementation
  • Database design
  • Software and system maintainability
  • Project methodology, approach and documentation
  • Deployment and release process
  • Core components to identify defects, security concerns, bottlenecks and performance issues
  • Code areas that handle authentication, session and data management
  • Coding issues, such as poor error handling, comments or naming conventions

When the code review is complete, we’ll provide:

  • An assessment report on existing systems
  • Low and high risk security vulnerabilities within the design and source code
  • Remedial steps for improving overall development process
  • System recommendations, including workarounds


As a leading mobile application development company, we are familiar with the native Objective-C, Swift and Java languages. Our experienced developers evaluate the design and code quality, and provide recommendations for performance, memory optimization, network usage and security.



Our team is well versed with many web technologies and languages, including HTML 5, JavaScript, various frameworks, PHP and .NET systems. We have experience architecting secure, high-performance and scalable systems and can recognize design weaknesses and recommend optimizations.

System DB

System, Server & Database

With knowledge of Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, our team is able to skillfully navigate numerous platforms and technologies. We can review database designs and suggest optimization techniques. We are familiar with network configurations, balancing traffic, up-time, load-testing and much more.



Having created server and mobile technology for financial service organizations, we are familiar with various security challenges at the application, server and database level. We can identify issues such as:

  • Hardcoded sensitive/secure information within the source code
  • Missing security authentication, or inadequate encryption of sensitive data
  • SQL injection and code injection issues
  • Cross-site-scripting issues

In addition, we perform penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities in software by launching targeted attacks against common access points in attempts to cause breaches, disruption and bring down applications.

Ongoing Review

Ongoing Reviews

Our comprehensive code analysis is designed to help you avoid potential pitfalls in your custom development project before the software is released. We recommend that these reviews are performed on a regular basis, as the cost of identifying code and security issues during development is significantly less expensive than fixing them at a later date.

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