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How will the next generation of cities be built? How about the smart house? For the construction industry, technology and information play a vital role in project success. Teams must be able to collaborate across multiple disciplines and still maintain quality service and work.


Our solutions simplify the many processes of construction. From pre/post acquisition inspections, estimating, scope creation, vendor selection and assignment, purchasing, job tracking and more, our technology can help you ensure your projects are completed optimally.

Our flexible design lets you streamline ordering from third-party product suppliers and even syncs to major suppliers’ inventory systems for easy, accurate ordering and cost management.


Plan projects efficiently and effectively. Technology-based initiatives such as project documentation provide for consistent, more accurate and effective construction projects. Our solutions help increase productivity by enabling micro and macro workflows.

Make better business decisions. Real-time insight delivered to the devices of your choosing ensures better margins. Access to vital data and audit trails help to raise warnings when schedules or thresholds are at risk.

Coordinate workforce. Align field staff activities for optimized labor allocation and to ensure efficient, timely execution of job steps.

Efficiently model costs and schedules. Easily evaluate cost/profit metrics to make better investments and operational decisions.

Decrease labor and inventory costs. Nitro’s solutions enable a true just-in-time inventory, increasing efficiency and decreasing waste by receiving materials only as they’re needed.

Maintain careful project oversight. Access essential facts of each project, including open jobs, late jobs, and other milestones. Ensure quality check lists are completed to know that the job is done right.

Integrate mobile technology. With construction-friendly tools like checkboxes, multiple-choice lists and searchable product lists, Nitro ensures that your field stays connected to the office. Easily sync, tag, send reports, measurements and photos.

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