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    Nitro Solutions Group comprises some of the most experienced
    and talented business experts, software developers, integrators
    and, architects in the field. We develop solutions to keep your
    people productive and your business on track for optimal growth.

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    "I could find hundreds of companies that understand mobile technology, but Nitro is the only company I've found that can apply a real understanding of day-to-day business processes to deliver a complete mobile solution with the functionality I need."

    John Gordon

    Director of Strategic Accounts
    The Home Depot

  • Wireframe Designs

    "They really understood our vision and were exceptional at verbalizing what they understood our business needs to be. We knew they were going to help us accomplish our goals."

    Marc Pozzuoli

    VP Information Technology
    Valet Waste

  • Strategy

    Business Analysis
    Process Optimization
    Data Integration
    User Experience
    Mobile Strategy
    Content Strategy
    Deployment Strategy

  • Design

    System Architecture
    Data Architecture
    Proof of Concept
    Visual Design
    User Experience

  • Development

    Software Architecture
    iOS, Android, Windows, C#
    Legacy Integration
    Web Portal & Apps
    API Creation
    Performance Optimization

  • R&D

    Mobile Development
    Virtual Reality
    Augmented Reality
    Sensor Integration
    Location Services

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Dream Big

Dream Big

When you bring Nitro on board, you get a consulting partner who speaks your language and understands your goals. Our unique blend of business experience, mobile expertise and innovative technologies allow us to learn your business and understand your pain points – and then prescribe the most effective formula to solve them.

Nitro Solutions Group excels at helping our clients assess where they are and where they want to go. We tell all of our partners to “dream big” – and then we strategically build the foundation to take them there.

Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

We'll take our industry knowledge, business expertise and understanding of your goals and translate it into solutions that go beyond meeting technical requirement; solutions that provide levels of efficiency and functionality that not only solve your business challenges, but deliver a competitive edge.

Collaboration & Communication

Collaboration & Communication

We believe that effective communication at every stage is critical to project success. We view ourselves as your partner in success and we are available by phone, email and instant message to discuss projects and provide strategic guidance. Our project managers work hard to organize expectations and keep our clients informed of the status of their projects at every step, including a formal status update weekly. However, we realize that each client is different and there is no “one size fits all” solution. That said, we are diligent in adapting our communication and process to work best for each individual situation.

Our Process

Having an effective process is critical for the successful delivery of software projects. Nitro’s team communicates openly, raises any issues or concerns and is there to assist you through every step of the process. We bring our creative talents together from strategy, design and development to help you realize your vision from beginning to end.
By following the process outlined below, we manage expectations and reduce development times while providing rich user experiences and well-designed solutions that scale along with your business.

Discovery & Design

1Project Kickoff

Together we review the business objectives and criteria for success. We’ll determine project roles for both teams along with responsibilities and the communication plan.


We identify target users and brand objectives, review business process goals, workflows and challenges to detail an optimal development strategy.


We establish a list of features and functions along with the workflows required to address business needs.


A high-level system architecture is determined and documented for the backend solution. Wireframes illustrate each screen’s layout, content and navigation flow.


High-level recommendations on visual guidelines, user experience and interface will be presented. A deeper dive on design occurs during feature sprints.

Feature Sprints

6Design Sprint

All screens are designed in the first sprint based on the approved wireframes and creative guidance in Step 4. Every action is represented and requires approval before moving to the next step.

7Development Sprint

Features and functionalities are now broken down into development sprints which include system architecture, screens and functionalities that should logically be worked on together.

8QA Sprint

After each development sprint, a version is delivered to the Quality Assurance team who will verify that everything has been created correctly.

Post Sprints


Development is now “feature complete” and the functionality is ready for testing.

10Clean Up

Development team is now executing cycles of bug fixes and improvements until QA is ready to release to UAT.


User Acceptance Testing (UAT) by the client is now happening and the version delivered is possibly the final version. This cycle continues until client approves for release.

Market Launch

12APP Deployment

We’ll submit the app to the distribution stores for you or provide you with the source code for you to generate and publish yourself.


Google apps appear almost immediately unless they are being distributed through an Enterprise App Store. iOS apps require approval by Apple before becoming available in the App Store.


Effective release management allows for ongoing maintenance of the current version while allowing new features and functionality to be added to future versions.

Discovery & Design Feature Sprints Post Sprints Market Launch

Full-stack development capabilities

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Our software solutions are crafted by a team of expert technology professionals. We excel at discovering your pain points and prescribing the most effective formula to solve them.