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At Nitro, we develop solutions that help manufacturers compete.

We integrate your people, machines, customers and business objectives to automate processes across your entire organization. Our technology connects your disparate systems and consolidates data in real-time to create actionable MIS packages. This eliminates human error and can dramatically speed up decision making to optimize your operations and production.

We automate and integrate the entire cycle from customer order to shipping. We integrate inventory control, manufacturing process to client order. This creates the potential to dramatically reduce waste, disputed orders and unnecessary inventory. We empower client purchases which can improve revenue.


Increase revenue. Uncover untapped revenue streams and mitigate lost opportunities. Utilizing our technology, you can reduce operational costs and administrative workload.

Decrease cost of goods sold. Nitro’s solutions enable a true just-in-time inventory, increasing efficiency and decreasing waste by receiving materials only as they’re needed. This also decreases direct labor costs associated with production.

Increase efficiency. We make it possible to process orders from the frontend (web, mobile or API), verify and approve via business workflows, and then transition through backend processes. This can automatically drive factory-floor machines to manufacture products to specification with the highest quality and minimal waste. This streamlined process maximizes efficiency.

Stay competitive. Increasing efficiencies and productivity while decreasing costs creates an agile supply chain that can help your organization outpace competitors.

Improve customer experience. Our solutions provide a seamless customer/vendor experience, making it simple to connect with your firm, place orders and estimate costs. The reduction in shipment time and costs helps retain and attract customers.

Improve quality. We work with you to learn your business and automate your processes, making them precise and repeatable. This ensures workflows are followed and products are manufactured to exact specifications every time, reducing the number of returns and repairs.

Increase productivity. Our solutions keep your workforce connected with shared data across a centralized system. This access to real-time information empowers better decisions and helps keep team members productive, even when they’re on the go. In addition, automating machine processes increases product through-put and reduces human error.

How can we help you succeed?

Contact us to share your challenges and learn more about how our solutions help you achieve your goals.

Our software solutions are crafted by a team of expert technology professionals. We excel at discovering your pain points and prescribing the most effective formula to solve them.