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About NitroServer®

NitroServer was designed to connect disparate data, improve security and confer tighter and better management of IT and business operations. It is not only a gateway, but also the gatekeeper to accessing viable up-to-the minute insights for making better business decisions.

NitroServer gives mobile apps and other technologies enhanced access to your legacy systems and data while enabling you to easily control how, when, why, and in what order, that access happens.


The Hub to your Internet of Things

What is loT

NitroServer® is designed to be a central hub for your Internet of Things (loT) strategy. Connect disparate systems, create unified API’s and bring the results of sensors, Internet connected devices, websites and mobile devices all together into a unified platform.

Connecting Business

Connecting Business

At Nitro, we believe being a smart business means that real-time insights are being used to make better business decisions. We also know that getting those insights requires eliminating the barriers to your data, applications, systems, clouds and devices. That’s why we designed NitroServer, a user-friendly and intuitive mobilization platform that enables businesses to easily adapt and securely connect back-end systems to mobile applications and the Internet of Things.

Scalable and Flexible

Scalable and Flexible

Scalable to fit organization of any size, NitroServer grows with you. Need more space? NitroServer is built for clustering. When another node is needed, it will automatically configure itself to join the cluster. NitroServer is cloud neutral and can run in your cloud or ours. On-premise, cloud, hybrid cloud, doesn’t matter.

Mobility for Competitive Advantage

Mobility for Competitive Advantage

Every business is working hard to solve their mobile strategy requirements and most are looking for ways to extend and extract value from business systems and resources through mobilization. NitroServer was designed to do exactly that - leverage prior technology investments and in-house expertise while creating a fully integrated, business-centric IT ecosystem to host next generation apps that unleash competitive advantage.

Application Security

Application Security

NitroServer is certified secure by Security Compliance Associates (SCA). Leading financial services companies and Fortune 50 corporations trust NitroServer to unlock the full power of their enterprise IT assets while reliably protecting sensitive data and systems.

NitroServer creates secure environments known as Sandboxes that provide complete code and application security. These Sandboxes prevent the contents and logic of one application from reading, writing or impacting the contents of another. Additionally, configurable user roles and permissions which control feature access down to the menu item level, create an application platform that perfectly balances universal data access with solid safeguards.


Core Features

SwitchBoard SwitchBoard

NitroServer's intuitive visual interface allows you to easily create business workflows, connect disparate systems and perform logic operations.

Drag and Drop Connectors

Drag & Drop Connectors

Easily connect to different databases to fully integrate data. Simply drag & drop a SQL connector and then add your statement. Open NitroServer’s Design View to model the data.

Design & Expose APIs

Design & Expose APIs

Build user-friendly system workflows within Switchboard.

Logic Processing

Logic Processing

Add JavaScript actions or call plugins created in .NET for easy logic processing. NitroServer keeps all logic isolated within its appropriate Sandbox and compiles the JavaScript for top performance.


Creating APIs is one thing, but letting the world know how to consume them is something else - something important. NitroServer automatically generates documentation describing how to consume any APIs you create.

View, Download & Distribute

Work with API documentation easily. NitroServer extracts additional value from sizable investments in IT infrastructure and enterprise applications because it gives IT departments the power to easily write their own apps and custom plug-ins for enhanced functionality.


Nitro Sandboxes provide complete code and application security by preventing the contents and logic of one application from reading, writing or impacting the contents of another. This isolated computing environment allows software developers to test new programming codes without affecting the application in which it runs.

API Management

NitroServer is perfect for creating, managing and integrating APIs into your business systems. It creates a centralized API for truth to ensure your services speak the same language and hides the complexity and replacement of any internal systems behind those APIs.

Api Management
  • A centralized API allowing your services to all speak the same language
  • Reduced size of data returned
  • Data type transformations (i.e. SOAP to JSON)
  • Extra security & abstraction layer over existing infrastructure
  • Reporting on connections through NitroServer

Scalability Scalability

NitroServer provides a high-performance, scalable architecture that grows with your company. When you need more room and power, simply start up a new machine, which automatically configures itself to join the cluster.


Need more room and power?

With NitroServer, it is easy to add more power.



NitroServer lets you extend as much as needed through simple .NET plugins. After installing a .NET plugin, it will become available for use within Switchboard.

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