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The digital transformation has challenged the service sector to meet, and exceed, evolving customer expectations in order to remain relevant. We help develop and deploy systems that are ahead of the curve, making service companies adaptable, agile, and alert.

Whether your business is in field services, professional or managed services, or any other service industry, Nitro can help.

Our solutions evolve current business models with smart technology that focuses on user experience. We discover new ways of helping businesses reach and retain customers – optimizing your services and enabling you to achieve more. Every solution is customized to your unique business.


Create new revenue opportunities and increase sales. Increased efficiencies throughout the business can expose new opportunities and provide further penetration into markets. We develop customer contact apps that deliver value to your customer and only work with your firm. This process enhances loyalty while adding value!

Consolidate data to create real-time dashboards and management information packages. Our solutions unify data across your entire organization to deliver actionable intelligence – helping you make better business decisions.

Enable rapid responses to customer demands. Being prepared in the service sector means that you’re ready when your customer needs you the most. Our solutions keep your employees connected with access to real-time information, ensuring everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Gain a competitive advantage. Pairing your service offerings with the efficiency and convenience of our technology solutions will help you outplay and outpace competitors. Delivering services this way drives customer loyalty, engagement and, ultimately, revenue.

Integrate mobile technology. With mobile solutions, we keep your workforce connected – in and out of the office – for true fleet optimization. By facilitating this ease of communication and data sharing, we enable increased efficiencies and productivity.

Attract and retain talent while increasing productivity. By utilizing technology strategies such as gamification, we incentivize daily activities. This keeps employees engaged and productive, while reducing operational costs and administrative workloads.


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Our software solutions are crafted by a team of expert technology professionals. We excel at discovering your pain points and prescribing the most effective formula to solve them.